King of Booze


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King of Booze is a computer game in the form of classic drinking games. Basically, in King of Booze various players can enjoy a wild ride full of alcohol, craziness, and who knows what else (WINK, WINK).

First, you need to select the number of players participating. Each player needs a different avatar, and of course a name. Once the game starts, it goes by turns with the throw of virtual dice (just click the mouse), and each player's avatar moves along the game board according to the number they throw.

Some game spaces simply require you to take a shot or choose a different player to take a shot, while others get more creative. Some possibilities include giving another player a massage, taking off items of clothing, or letting another player read the last three text messages on your phone.

King of Booze is the ideal game for house parties. This game not only makes drinking more fun, but it will strengthen the bonds of friendship - and maybe even help you get some. A win-win situation!
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